PayPal Invoicing API One integration, flexible features

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Help your merchants get paid fast.

Send professional, customizable invoices.

Merchants can quickly create and send invoices right from your platform, on any device, and add a logo to save for next time.

Manage all their billing needs in one place.

Help merchants stay organized and save time with scheduled invoices, payment reminders, and a simple dashboard to track activity.

Make it easy for customers to pay.

Let merchants accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. 78% of PayPal invoices are paid within one day1.

Powerful enough to drive global growth.

Your businesses can send invoices in 25 currencies and enable payments in 190+ countries, while PayPal handles the conversion.

Customized integration to meet your needs.

Basic integration.

Give merchants added flexibility.
Integrate PayPal Invoicing into your existing order management system, with the added option for merchants to send customers an invoice.

Let customers pay online.
PayPal Invoicing makes it easy for customers to pay online with PayPal, credit, or debit, which can help merchants get paid faster.

Light integration.

Create and send invoices.
Use the PayPal Invoicing API to build your own invoicing experience, customized to suit your platform and merchant needs.

Help businesses stay organized.
With a robust integration, merchants can manage all their billing needs, including tracking payments and sending reminders.

Full-service integration.

Powerful tools for businesses.
Give merchants the full PayPal Invoicing features by using the API to build a complete solution they can access from your website or app.

Options put you in control.
Choose whether merchants access PayPal Invoicing as a plug-in, or use our API with open source solutions to create a custom offering.

Powerful features for merchants.

Easily customize and send professional invoices directly from your platform.

Let merchants accept more payment methods with one simple integration.

There’s no monthly fee to send invoices – merchants pay only when they get paid.

Get paid fast– 86% of PayPal invoices are paid within three days2.

Get started with the API.

Explore technical details, and access all the tools you need to integrate invoicing with your platform.

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