The PayPal Here SDK offers a robust way to get paid in person.

Our in-person payments SDK combined with your POS software makes it easy for you to offer secure and reliable payment processing to your merchants.

Get the PayPal Here SDK

Code available for iOS and Android.

Your brand stays front and center.

Maintain your own fully branded mobile app experience while leveraging PayPal’s powerful payment functionality and security. And by offering PayPal, you can help your merchants grow their business.

Welcome to the power of PayPal.

Simple yet flexible

The PayPal Here SDK is easy to code and gives you the flexibility to integrate across iOS and Android. It’s customizable and works within your native application so no other app is needed.

Always-on offline resources

The PayPal Here SDK is available and fully supported in the U.S., U.K., and Australia—and coding documentation, training guides, and sample apps are available any time.

24/7 Fraud Protection

PayPal adheres to PCI DSS—and your customers’ credit/debit card data is handled by PayPal when a PayPal Here device is used to swipe cards.1

Big or small, we welcome partners in many industries, including:


Food & Beverage

Health & Beauty

Professional & Personal Services


Endless Aisle

Innovative payments for POS system software now accepted.

We have a simple way to create an end-to-end business solution for your merchants: Combine your POS software with our SDK and add any of our card readers. There’s a card reader for just about every business need—so your merchants can securely accept chip cards, mag-stripe cards, and even contactless payments like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay® when they integrate the PayPal Here SDK. See our readers.

Why PayPal is great for merchants.

Easy setup and operation

No lengthy applications—most merchants can onboard with PayPal in minutes and start processing payments right away.

Flexibility in obtaining payments

The SDK’s “authorization and capture” capabilities add flexibility for merchants who require estimated card-authorization amounts before finalizing a charge—useful at restaurants and bars where there are tips.

Low fees, more freedom

PayPal merchants pay a simple flat fee of just 2.7%1 per U.S. swipe.2 And there are no setup fees, cancellation fees or processing minimums.

Fraud monitoring and support

We monitor for fraud 24/7 to help keep transactions secure. And If merchants need help, our Customer Support team is available.

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Get the PayPal Here SDK

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