When choosing an online payment solution, there's a lot to consider. The main players cost roughly the same and offer similar basic services. But take a closer look and important differences quickly emerge.

Compare PayPal Google Checkout Amazon Payments
What are their standard fees? 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction2.9% + $0.30 per transaction2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Who can pay me? Anyone with a credit card Buyers must have an accountBuyers must have an account
What forms of payment are accepted? All major credit cards,
plus bank accounts, eChecks, & PayPal
Major credit cards onlyMajor credit and debit cards only
How many currencies are supported? 24 currencies8 currencies11 currencies
How many shopping carts
do they support?
How about customer support? Live phone support, Virtual assistant,
Dedicated account managers
Webform onlyWebform only
Which payment service is most
popular with buyers?*

  • Prices in US dollars. All information for Google Checkout vs PayPal vs Amazon Payments comparison chart is up-to-date as of 09/27/11. See below for details.
  • Google Checkout data is up-to-date as of 09/27/11.
  • Amazon Payments data is up-to-date as of 09/27/11.
  • * Source: Sellers Choice Awards, eCommerce Bytes, February 2011.
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"After looking at the checkout and payment options available, we concluded that PayPal would be the best way to go"

Martin Zadorian, CEO, WirelessGround.com

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