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Leading with purpose to democratize financial services

We strive to create a world where everyone has access to the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to improve their financial health and participate in the global economy. To fulfill this mission, we work to maximize the positive impact of our business and to be a responsible, transparent, and sustainable corporate citizen on behalf of all of our stakeholders. I’m excited by our progress to date and believe we can continue to demonstrate real, meaningful leadership on a global level.

Our Commitment

Our mission and vision to democratize financial services are powered by our core values of collaboration, inclusion, innovation, and wellness. We are committed to managing our key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) opportunities and risks in a way that is consistent with these values and demonstrates our dedication to operate as a responsible global citizen.

2019 Global Impact Report

Download 2019 Report

Available here for download are our 2017 and 2018 Global Impact Reports.

Our ESG Priorities

We completed our inaugural ESG materiality and prioritization assessment to identify the key non-financial topics important to both our business and our stakeholders. This process included an in-depth landscape assessment, internal and external stakeholder engagement, and a prioritization analysis of 19 key ESG topics which identified 7 key topics of the greatest importance to both internal and external stakeholders. We value ongoing feedback from our stakeholders as we continue to enhance our long-term ESG strategy and disclosures, and will be reviewing our ESG priorities annually. Click here to see more information on our materiality and prioritization assessment, including our alignment to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our ESG Strategic Pillars

Below we highlight the four primary focus areas of our ESG Strategy that encompass our key ESG priorities as well as additional resources to learn more about our efforts. The formal oversight and governance of ESG matters across PayPal include our Board of Directors, senior executives, and cross-functional teams. For more information on our corporate governance, including our ESG governance structure, read our 2020 Proxy Statement.

Social Innovation

We build upon our strong sense of commitment and purpose by harnessing and deploying our unique capabilities, resources, and expertise to drive positive, lasting social impact through our business. Building upon our mission to democratize financial services, we help catalyze advances in global financial wellness for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits around the world. This includes our platform to power giving globally and support for the communities in which we live and work. Visit our Social Innovation website for more information.

Employees and Culture

Attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse fundamental workforce is fundamental to our continued financial and operational success. Diversity and inclusion are essential to create meaningful products and services for people to use around the world. We aim to increase representation of all backgrounds including LGBTQ+, military veterans, ethnic and racial groups, gender, and people with disabilities. We are strongly committed to equal pay for equal work and take an employee-centered approach to benefits, recognizing that every team member helps drive our mission to democratize financial services. For more information, please visit Diversity and Inclusion at PayPal and the PayPal Benefits website.

Environmental Sustainability

We have a responsibility to properly manage our environmental footprint and an opportunity to help advance global environmental progress. This includes actions focused on mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions, managing our water consumption and resilience, enhancing our waste management practices, and engaging partners across our value chain. Our program is led by a cross-functional working group with representatives from various departments and overseen by members of PayPal’s senior leadership team. Every day we are inspired by our employees and partners for their ongoing engagement and commitment to sustainability. Visit our Environmental Sustainability website for more information.

Responsible Business Practices

We understand that to be a true customer champion and to gain and preserve our customers’ trust, we must operate all facets of our business with integrity, from our Board of Directors and management to our workforce and our supply chain. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive for full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Central to this commitment is our ongoing work toward creating a culture that values privacy and enhances our cybersecurity efforts across our platforms and operations. We also engage externally to promote these values and practices and have a public policy and advocacy approach that is aligned with our mission and business strategy. For more information read our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, Third-Party Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, and Privacy Statement, and visit our Security Center and Public Policy websites.

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