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Innovations designed to

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PayPal’s advanced offers platform

Deliver the right deal at the right time.

Get in front of millions of active users with cash back offers. Reach customers with data-driven deals in the PayPal app and drive return visitors via Smart Receipts – over 300m opened monthly.1

Pay with PayPal reimagined

Help shoppers fly through checkout.

Checkout can now be twice as fast when paying with PayPal​ – with some merchants seeing latencies reduced by 50%.2

Fastlane by PayPal

Create a quick way for new customers to pay.

Let verified guest shoppers check out approximately 30% faster, so you don't miss a sale.3 In fact, shoppers with Fastlane profiles have shown to convert at about 80%.4

Package Tracking

Reduce business costs and streamline operations.

Minimize time spent dealing with delivery inquiries and reduce the number of “items not received” disputes by as much as 80%5 with our new shipment tracking feature.

“Early results from Fastlane by PayPal are nothing short of spectacular.”

— Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce

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