Transaction Life Cycle

Note: This article covers transaction statuses in Braintree's system. For a list of different statuses available for orders in the BigCommerce control panel, look here.

A successful transaction will go through the following statuses in the Braintree Control Panel:


The first step is to ask the customer's bank if the payment method is legitimate and has sufficient funds to pay for your product or service. If the customer's bank approves, the transaction is Authorized. This puts a hold on the funds, meaning the customer isn't able to spend that money, but it doesn't take any funds out just yet.

Submitted for settlement

Eventually, authorizations will expire. In order to collect funds, you need to submit for settlement. This is called capturing in the BigCommerce control panel.

In most cases, you'll want to submit a transaction for settlement at the same time that you authorize the payment. Some merchants that ship physical goods wait to submit for settlement until after the product has shipped in order to reduce chargebacks. You can read more about managing authorizations in this article.


This is a transitory state. While the processors and the banks are working out the details of the exchange of funds, the transaction will be Settling. The amount of time this takes is dependent on the processing bank. Contact the BigCommerce Support team if you have questions.


This is when the money moves from your customer's bank through your merchant account. Once the money hits your merchant account, the transaction will display as Settled, and the funds will be routed to your bank account. For more information on funding timelines, look here.

Additional Braintree statuses

Authorization expired

The transaction spent too much time in the Authorized status and was marked as expired. American Express authorizations will be marked as expired after 7 days. Visa and Mastercard authorizations will be marked as expired after 10 days. All other authorizations will be marked as expired after 30 days. For more information on managing authorizations, look here.

Processor declined

The processor declined the transaction. The processor response code has information about why the transaction was declined; look here for more information.


An error occurred when sending the transaction to the processor.


The transaction was voided before it could be processed. Transactions that were canceled when the status was Authorized or Submitted for Settlement will appear as Voided in the Braintree Control Panel.

Gateway rejected - application incomplete

You'll see this transaction status if you have not completed your full application and have reached the processing threshold limit on your provisional merchant account. Learn more in our overview of getting started.

Settlement declined

The processor declined to settle the transaction. The processor settlement response code has information about why the transaction was declined.

Settlement pending

Currently this status can only be returned for PayPal transactions. While the authorization was successful, PayPal neither declined nor approved the settlement. This is considered a transitory state. You can either void the transaction, or wait and see if it eventually settles.

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