Gateway Rejections

Note: Gateway rejections are not the same as declines. Gateway rejections are blocked by your gateway settings, while declined transactions are blocked by the customer's bank. More information on declines.

A gateway rejection indicates that the transaction did not pass the duplicate transaction checking settings, AVS/CVV rules, or risk threshold rules in your Braintree Control Panel. Depending on what triggered the gateway rejection, some transactions are rejected before we send the information to the processor, and some transactions are gateway rejected after the authorization has been completed. If the transaction was authorized, the gateway will automatically void it.

Note: Some banks don’t acknowledge these voids right away, and others don’t acknowledge them at all. Typically the customer can contact their bank to speed this process along and get rid of the authorization.

If a rejection occurs, we’ll update the status of the transaction to Gateway Rejected in the Braintree Control Panel and provide a reason for the rejection:

  • Reason = Duplicate
  • Reason = AVS
  • Reason = CVV
  • Reason = Fraud
  • Reason = 3D Secure

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