Note: If you'd like to update your descriptor for PayPal transactions, you can do so from your PayPal console.

A descriptor is what your customers will see on their statement when they make a purchase through your mobile app or website. Ultimately, a customer's bank will determine exactly how your business's descriptors will appear on customer statements, but they are often formatted like this:

MYCOMPANYNAME 555-123-1234 NM $100.00

Your account supports two types of descriptors:

  • Soft Descriptors: The descriptor that shows up after a transaction has been authorized. While the charge is in a pending state, the soft descriptor will be displayed on the customer's statement.
  • Hard Descriptors: The descriptor that shows up after a transaction has settled. As soon as the customer's bank has finalized the transaction status, the hard descriptor will be permanently displayed as the description of the charge on the customer's statement.

You are required to provide the following parameters for your descriptor information:

  • Merchant name (DBA)
  • Merchant state/province
  • Customer service phone

Braintree automatically configures your hard and soft descriptors based on information collected during the application process. To make any changes, please contact the BigCommerce Support team and include (1) which fields you would like to change and (2) the new desired values for these fields. Keep the restrictions below in mind when choosing new values.

Hard and soft descriptor requirements

Merchant name (DBA)

  • Limit of 22 characters
  • Can contain letters and numbers but must be all CAPS
  • Can contain special characters & . , and space

Merchant state

  • Must be 2 characters all CAPS

Merchant phone

  • Must contain exactly 10 digits
  • Can contain dashes

American Express descriptors

By default, you are able to accept American Express through Braintree's aggregated AmEx account. If you have chosen to use your own AmEx account, this information does not apply.

If you are using Braintree's aggregated AmEx account, the following soft descriptor appears on customers' statements while transactions are in a pending status:

Address: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 877-434-2894

Once the transaction has settled, your customers will see your specific hard descriptor information on the top level. Braintree's information will remain in an expandable text field below your descriptor.

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