Duplicate Transaction Checking

Note: Braintree's duplicate transaction checking feature only runs on credit card transactions; it does not run on PayPal transactions. Learn more below about how PayPal checks for duplicate transactions on their end.

Duplicate transaction checking helps prevent transaction requests from accidentally processing more than once. This can happen if a customer refreshes the checkout page or clicks a button that sends a new transaction request.

Credit cards

A credit card transaction will be gateway rejected by our duplicate checking logic if the following conditions are met:

  1. Credit card number and expiration date are the same AND
  2. Amount is the same AND
  3. Order ID is the same (if the transaction was not created by Braintree's recurring billing functionality) AND
  4. Subscription ID is the same (if the transaction was created by Braintree's recurring billing functionality) AND
  5. Previous transactions fall within the time window specified by the merchant AND
  6. Previous transactions were successful (i.e. status = Authorized, Submitted for Settlement, Settling, Settled, or Voided)


Braintree's duplicate transaction checking does not run on PayPal transactions. PayPal uses its own logic to identify duplicate transactions based on the order ID, if one is provided with the transaction. This logic is run on PayPal's end after Braintree passes along the transaction, and PayPal will reject any transaction with an order ID that has been used before. Transactions rejected by PayPal will be Processor Declined in the Braintree Control Panel.

Configure duplicate transaction checking

Duplicate transaction checking is enabled by default with a 30-second window. This setting can be updated or disabled by users with Account Admin privileges.

  1. Log into the Braintree Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing > Duplicate Transaction Checking
  3. Click Edit to adjust the time window or Enable/Disable to turn the feature on/off

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