Decline Analysis

Analyzing your declined transactions can help you spot fraud early and make sure you’re getting the most you can from your business. A normal decline rate is around 10% of total transactions.

Here’s our recommended approach for analyzing your declines.

Step 1: Run a decline search

  1. Log into the
  2. Navigate to Advanced Search > Transactions
  3. Under Status, check the box next to Processor Declined
  4. Adjust the date range as needed
  5. Click Search
  6. Click Download

Step 2: Analyze the results

The analysis process will be unique to your business, but in general, the more data you collect on customer transactions, the more helpful these results will be. For example, if you collect cardholder names or email addresses with transactions, you can often spot fake ones easily.

We find it easiest to look at the data by generating a pivot table filtered by Processor Response Text within your downloaded CSV. If you’re not sure what a particular processor response means, this support article should help.

Keep in mind that repeated transaction attempts on the same payment method can skew your decline rates. You can remove duplicate values from your CSV to get a clearer picture of unique declines.

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