Settlement & Funding Timeline

Note: Until you complete your full application, Braintree will provide you with a provisional merchant account. You will be able to accept up to $2500 USD or 25 transactions from customers, but the funds will not be disbursed until the account is approved. After approval, there are no processing or disbursement limits.

After a transaction is settled, funds will pass through your merchant account to your bank account. If you have questions about or issues with your funding, contact the BigCommerce Support team.

Credit cards

Credit card transactions are divided into settlement batches and sent to the processor to confirm settlement. The settlement batch cut-off times for your account are 7am and 5pm CDT/CST (US), which cannot be changed. Any transactions submitted for settlement after those times will be included in the next settlement batch.

Once we receive confirmation from the processor that a transaction has successfully settled, Braintree will disburse the funds to your account. You should see the funds deposited in your bank account based on the following schedule:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Diners/JCB: 2 business days after transaction has settled
  • American Express: 2-5 business days after transaction has settled

The disbursement date for a specific transaction can be seen in the Braintree Control Panel. Keep in mind, this represents the date that the money was sent to your bank account and won't necessarily align with the date that the funds appear in your bank account. For more information on how to reconcile these deposits, look here.

Note: Funds are disbursed every weekday, excluding bank holidays, in which case they're sent the next business day.


We settle transactions for most payment types in batches, but we capture PayPal funds immediately when you submit each transaction for settlement. This allows us to give you instant feedback on whether a settlement was successful, so you can confidently ship your goods or provide your services. If the settlement isn't successful (e.g. outside of the 3-day authorization window), you'll receive a settlement declined or pending response.

By default, PayPal transactions are funded by PayPal to your PayPal Business Account's balance. If you'd like to deposit these funds into your bank account, you have two options:

  • Manually withdraw the funds using your PayPal console
  • Set up Settlement Withdrawal

Settlement Withdrawal automatically sends the previous day's transactions to your bank within 2-3 business days. To set this up, contact the PayPal Support team.

Once Settlement Withdrawal is set up, you'll be able to go to your PayPal console and download a daily report of the transactions that were included in each withdrawal.

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