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What is Pay After Delivery?

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What is Pay After Delivery?

With Pay After Delivery, buyers don’t have to pay until they receive the item and ensure it's what was expected. Only certain purchases offer Pay After Delivery as a payment method. If it’s available, buyers will see the option on the Review Your Information page during checkout. There is no fee to schedule a payment using Pay After Delivery.

When you use Pay After Delivery, we pay the seller right away, so there's no delay in sending you the item. We withdraw the payment from your bank account 14 days later.

You still have full coverage on your payments. If you don’t receive your item or the item isn’t what you expected, just let us know by reporting a problem in our Resolution Center. If you report the problem within 14 days of making your purchase, we’ll put your payment on hold and you won’t pay until the dispute is resolved.


  • You need a confirmed bank linked to your PayPal account to use Pay After Delivery.
  • If there isn’t enough money in your bank account to complete your scheduled Pay After Delivery payment, we’ll use your backup payment method. We make two attempts to debit your bank account for a payment before we use your backup payment method.
  • If the Pay After Delivery option doesn’t appear during checkout, it’s not available to you yet. We are in the process making this feature available to more customers in the near future.
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