Why did I get emails telling me that IPNs sent to a URL are failing?

You got messages about failing IPNs.

If you receive payments from different venues (such as eBay, invoicing, or personal payments), make sure that you haven't set a specific URL on your profile to handle all IPNs. Because this URL belongs to the shopping cart, it won't recognize notifications created for external events and will return an error instead.


Here's how to resolve this issue:

  1. Log in to your Live PayPal account or your Sandbox account.
  2. Select Profile > Profile and settings.
  3. Click My selling tools, then click Update next to Instant payment notifications.
  4. If a URL has already been set, click Turn Off IPN.
  5. Click Confirm.

IPNs will still be sent to your shopping cart on a case by case basis, as required through the payment request.

For help resolving this issue or others, visit PayPal's Contact Customer Service page.

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