What are Store offers and how do they work?

Store offers (formerly known as Store Cash) is an automatic discount from an online store that accepts payments by PayPal. Store offers are exclusive benefits for PayPal customers, designed to make your online shopping even more convenient and rewarding.

How can I get Store offers?
You can see available Store offers in the Deals section on your Shopping page. Simply click Get Deal to save the Store offer to your Wallet.

Some Store offers are automatically offered by online stores to PayPal customers. You'll receive an email or text message when you've been offered Store offers. To make sure you'll receive these messages, go to your Notifications settings and turn on the notifications for "Shopping."

Where can I find my Store offers?
If you've received a Store offer, you'll get a notification when you log in to your PayPal account, and the offer will be listed in your Wallet. It may be labeled "Exclusive offer." From your PayPal app, tap More on the home screen and tap Shop smart.

How do I redeem Store offers?
When you've got a Store offer from an online store, it'll be applied automatically to your next purchase at that store when you pay with PayPal. You can combine Store offers with other promo or coupon codes.

Your Store offer discount will be reflected in the email receipt sent from PayPal, and in the transaction details on your Activity page. It may not be reflected in the store's purchase receipt or during the checkout process.

Does a minimum purchase apply to Store offers?
In most cases, no minimum purchased is required to redeem a Store offer. Some Store offers require a minimum purchase, so be sure to check the details in your offer.

When do Store offers expire?
Expiration dates will vary. Some Store offers expire 7 days after they are issued, so be sure to check the expiration date in your offer. If your purchase doesn't exceed the amount of your Store offer, any balance remaining will be available for another purchase from the online store until its expiration date.

Do I get my Store offer back if I return the item I purchased?
The Store offer amount from your refunded purchase will be available until its expiration date.

What information do you share about me with online stores?
We don't share your personal info with online stores when we select a Store offer that we think you'll like. View our Privacy Statement to learn more about how we treat your information and protect your privacy.