My charity isn't enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, so why does it appear on your platform?

PayPal Giving Fund believes that when donors have a wide array of charities to choose from, charitable giving increases.

As such, for certain PayPal Giving Fund programs, we provide donors with a large directory of charities that may receive contributions from PayPal Giving Fund. PayPal Giving Fund partners with GuideStar to list eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations on some of our charitable giving platforms.

This directory includes both enrolled charities that have confirmed charity status with PayPal and have agreed to the PayPal User Agreement and PayPal Giving Fund Non-Profit Agreement, as well as unenrolled charities that haven’t agreed to its terms.

If you’ve received a welcome email from PayPal Giving Fund and don’t wish to be enrolled in our program, please contact the customer support team.

If you’d like to contact us and don’t have a PayPal account, please click here and fill out the form so we can help you resolve your PayPal Giving Fund issues.