Why am I being asked to ‘VOID’ my check while the using the Cash a Check service in the PayPal app?

In order to prevent a check from being cashed or deposited twice, after your check has been approved, you’ll be prompted to write ‘VOID’ boldly in blue or black ink across the front of your check and submit a photo of the voided check. Once we confirm that your correctly voided check image has been submitted, your money will be credited to your PayPal account.

Do not write ‘VOID’ on your check until you are prompted to, which is only after you receive confirmation that your check was approved.  If you write ‘VOID’ before your receive confirmation that your check was approved, your check will be denied approval.

Hold on to your voided check until you receive confirmation in the app or via email that your PayPal account has been credited. Once the money is in your PayPal account, destroy the check to prevent duplicate check submissions.