Why does my PayPal Credit purchase need further verification?

To protect the security of your account, we always check to make sure the information provided during checkout matches your account details. If we aren't able to verify some of the information provided, we'll decline the purchase and notify you via email.

If this occurred and you'd like to try the purchase again, please check to make sure the information entered on the merchant's website matches your PayPal account details. If any of these details aren't up to date on your PayPal account, you can update your profile online.

Here are some common things to check:
Is your name spelled the same? Avoid using nicknames or abbreviations.
Is the phone number the same one we have on your PayPal account?
Does the email address you entered match the email address we use to communicate with you?
Did you enter the correct billing address at checkout? Is your billing address different than your shipping address?