PayPal powered by Braintree Overview and Frequently asked questions

PayPal powered by Braintree makes it easy to accept payments. Our payment gateway is similar to the credit card terminal you swipe your card through at the grocery store. We'll make sure your customer's payment information gets to the right place and stays secure.

Integration with a PayPal powered by Braintree merchant account is available through many of our ecommerce and shopping cart partners via a single application process. Several of our partners even allow you to create a trial or provisional account which requires minimal information to get started. Once you have a merchant account you will have access to your new payment gateway via the PayPal powered by Braintree Control Panel. Completing the application process will allow you to receive payments to your bank account.

Merchant Account
A merchant is what PayPal powered by Braintree uses to route payments from your customers' accounts to your bank account. A merchant account is similar to a line of credit, so you'll need to fill out an application. Until your application is complete, you'll be given a provisional merchant account.

Provisional Merchant Account
If your partner supports it, PayPal will provide you with a provisional merchant account until you complete your full application. You can accept up to $2,500 USD or 25 transactions from customers. You won’t receive your funds to your bank account until your account is fully approved. Approval usually takes just 1 business day if we don't need to request any additional information from you. After approval, there are no processing or disbursement limits.

Control Panel
The Control Panel will give you access to monthly statements and reports to assist with reconciliation. In addition, a Disputes portal, where you can manage your chargebacks, retrievals, and pre-arbitrations on credit card transactions. If you choose to accept other payment types such as PayPal you can see and report all of your transactions from the Control Panel.

PayPal account
Accepting PayPal alongside credit cards is easy. As part of your full application, you'll either link your merchant account with an existing PayPal account, or create a PayPal account. Either way, you'll be able to manage your PayPal processing settings and disputes from your PayPal account.

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