What is the Message Center?

What is the Message Center? 

PayPal has created a Message Center for its customers, like most financial institutions and eBay provide. The Message Center gives PayPal the ability to communicate with you within the framework of a new mailbox inside your PayPal account. It also provides you with a way to validate customer service emails that you may consider suspicious. This way, you can trust that the communications you receive are from us.

How does the Message Center work?

Emails from PayPal will be put into the Message Center. A notification will be sent to let you know that you have a message. The Message Center will be accessible online; mobile browser optimization and access via the mobile app will be included later.

Now, all PayPal customers can upload files in the Message Center when replying to a PayPal email. Customers can still upload documentation in the Resolution Center and in the name change flow, but going forward, you’ll have the option to attach files in the Message Center. This way, customers are able to upload documents when there’s no case involved.

Please note that emails in the Message Center are available for 90 days from the day they were sent. If you would like a copy of any messages prior to that timeframe, please click here for contact information.