Connect to PayPal for QuickBooks

Connect to PayPal is the new PayPal data integration app for QuickBooks.  Built on Intuit’s staged transactions platform, Connect to PayPal brings in detailed PayPal transaction details into the QuickBooks banking experience.  The Connect to PayPal app is free for all QuickBooks customers, and can be found via the apps tab of QuickBooks Online or at

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Click here to go to the Connect to PayPal app on
  2. Click Get App Now.
  3. You’ll go through the authorization process and be ready to go in a few clicks.  
You can conveniently transfer up to 18 months of PayPal transactions into QuickBooks. Connect to PayPal will also import your discounts, taxes, customer data, transfers, and PayPal expenses. And, with Connect to PayPal, you’ll see detailed sales information, including your PayPal fees, in your sales transactions.  

Want to learn more?  Go to the Connect to PayPal FAQ in the QuickBooks Learn and Support Center.