Unclaimed Property

What is unclaimed property (unclaimed money)?

We are required to contact PayPal account holders when there have been no logins on the account for 3 years or more and there is money in the account. If you’ve received a notice of unclaimed property, you can claim the funds by logging into the account. If you do not log in or remove the balance from the account by the date indicated in the unclaimed property notice, the funds will be sent to the state controller’s office for the state listed on the Primary Address on the PayPal account and the account may be closed.

  • Find the unclaimed property notice - an email from unclaimedproperty@paypal.com was sent to each customer who has unclaimed property containing the account number and the email address of the affected account.
Before the date listed in the notice letter:
  • Log in using the email address in the unclaimed property notice to keep the account active.
  • If you are unable to log in, give us a call so we may assist you with logging in, requesting a check or transferring the funds.
After the date listed in the notice letter:
  • If the date in the notice has passed and you were not able to log in, contact the State Treasurer or State Controller’s office associated with the state that your account is registered to, you can claim the money from there.