What is a Release Amount?

Your release amount is a limit on the immediate access to the money from payments received in a calendar month. You can access the funds below your release amount as soon as the payments are received. Above that amount, the money becomes available 21 days after you receive the payment. We communicate your release amount via email.

In the below example (for illustration purposes only) the release amount is $1,000 USD:

Monthly Received amount


$0 to $1,000 USD

As soon as received

Above $1,000 USD

All funds placed on hold will release after 21 days, any time on that day.

We want both our sellers and our buyers to have a safe place to do business. Holding some money for a specified amount of time is a common industry practice that we implement to help ensure a safe and secure environment for both buyers and sellers. By releasing some money after 21 days, we help reduce any potentially negative impact on our buyers.

On a monthly basis, we review sellers' activity, their history, and how quickly complaints are resolved. Providing good customer service in general helps their monthly release amount.

If you see your business growing and require an increase of your release amount, upgrade to a Business Account. If you upgrade we will review your account and confirm your new release amount within 3 business days.