Why did I not get any cash back rewards?

There could be a few reasons that your transaction didn't qualify for a cash back bonus. Here are some tips to make sure you receive the cash back bonus:

  • Make sure the PayPal Debit MasterCard® is processed as a "credit card" with the merchant. This includes purchases that do not require a PIN, such as restaurant bills or paying on line.
  • Many merchants that do ask for a PIN, offer the option of choosing Credit when making a transaction. Even though you choose ''credit" the transaction is processed as a debit to your PayPal balance.
  • No cash back will be received for ATM withdrawals and or debit card transactions requiring a PIN number to be entered.
  • A "Pending" purchase doesn't qualify for cash back until the purchase is "Complete."
  • Cash back is received for purchases made with the physical debit card only. No cash back will be received for purchases made with the secure card.

Activity from the past 48 hours may not be included in the total. Cash back payments are made once a month, in the first week of the month following the qualifying transaction.