How do I respond to a PayPal dispute filed by my buyer?

You can communicate directly with your buyer through a message board in the dispute case. Here's how to respond to a dispute:

  1. Go to Resolution Center.
  2. Click View under "Action" next to your case.
  3. Respond to the buyer and enter any relevant information (such as tracking information), and then click Send.

What's Next?
You have 20 days from the date that the dispute was opened to communicate with your buyer.

If you can't come to a resolution within 20 days, you or the buyer can escalate the dispute to a claim to let PayPal investigate the case. If the dispute isn't escalated within 20 days, the case will be automatically closed on the 21st day and the held payment will be released to you.

After a dispute is escalated to a claim, you must respond to the case within 10 days. Then, PayPal will review the case and decide the outcome, usually within 10-14 days. You can view the case status and provide additional information in the Resolution Center.

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