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What is the PayPal payment card? Do I need it to pay with PayPal in stores?

The PayPal payment card is not a credit card, but one of the ways you can pay at any participating store locations accepting PayPal. It's a store-only payment card linked directly to your PayPal account, so it can't be used online or as a credit card - only at participating stores. Look for the PayPal logo.

You do not need the PayPal payment card to complete activation for in-store checkout. We will automatically mail the card to your home address 7-10 business days after you activate in-store checkout.

In the meantime, you can pay with the PayPal app at a limited number of participating stores. To download the PayPal app, you can go to the iTunes app store or Google Play app store. To see which stores near you accept mobile payments, you can look in the Local tab.

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