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Why do I need to add money to my balance to complete a micropayment?

If you’re making a micropayment for something that doesn't cost very much, you may need to pay with your PayPal balance.

A micropayment is something that costs less than:

  • $4.00 USD
  • $4.00 CAD
  • £4.00 GBP
  • €4.00 EUR
  • 100.00 CZK
  • 25.00 DKK
  • 1,000 HUF
  • 20.00 PLN
  • 30.00 NOK
  • 35.00 SEK
  • 5.00 CHF
  • $10.00 AUD
  • $10.00 SGD
  • $50.00 HKD
  • $10.00 NZD
  • ¥1,000 JPY
  • 250.00 THB
  • 250.00 TWD
  • 500.00 PHP

You can add money to your balance from your bank account or a credit card. After you add money, you can make your micropayment immediately. If you add more money than you need to make your small payment, you can use the money for future micropayments.

One way to make sure that you’ll always be able to make micropayments is to keep moneyas w in your PayPal account. You can set up automatic transfers to make sure that you always have a balance.

We are still working on improving our website, while we build these new pages here’s how to set up automatic transfers:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Wallet.
  3. Click Classic Site.
  4. Click My settings.
  5. Click Update beside "Digital goods at checkout."
  6. Select Balance.
  7. Select Amount and Payment method from the drop-downs.
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