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PayPal partners with Argentinian banks for withdrawal services

Banco Macro is partnering with PayPal for withdrawal services. See requirements and benefits below:
  • Users must have PayPal account from Argentina.
  • A Macro bank account is necessary: savings or checking.
  • Delivery of funds takes 5 business days.
  • Users may withdraw in US Dollars (USD) or AR Pesos.
  • Withdrawal fees will be charged + IVA.
  • Banco Macro is offering this free service during the first three months from the launch of the service.
  • Min withdrawal amount $50 USD.
  • Max withdrawal amount:
    • Limit per transaction of $10,000 USD.
    • Limit per preapproval of $100,000 USD.
    • Pre-approval is valid for 12 months or $100,000 USD withdrawn, whichever is reached first.
  • Refunds are not allowed.
  • Banco Macro allows one PayPal account with one Macro bank account only.

You can also withdraw fund using the Nubi platform. See contact information below if you have any questions:

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Nubi Customer Service: 0800-122-6824

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