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How do I use PayPal with using Cortana?

Using Cortana on your windows device, you can order movie tickets from and pay with PayPal.

Just ask Cortana what’s playing at your local cinema. For example, “Ask what movies are playing at Oakview AMC.” If it’s the first time you’re doing this, you’ll be asked to connect Cortana to

You’ll see a list of movies at the theater you mentioned. You can then tell Cortana which movie you want to see. When you’re selecting the number of tickets to get, you can tell Cortana how many adult and child tickets you need. If you need to choose where to sit you can do that as well.

When you’re ready to pay tap or say, “Proceed to checkout with PayPal.”  You’ll be taken to the PayPal website. From there you can choose your payment method and complete your transaction to buy your movie tickets.
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