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Did my purchase attempt exceed my PayPal Credit limit?

If you're attempting a purchase that exceeds your current available credit, we'll evaluate your account and may increase your credit line. This process happens seamlessly during checkout and doesn't slow down the checkout process. This decision process doesn’t require a new credit inquiry. If you attempted a purchase and your credit line wasn't increased, you can try to make a purchase for a lower amount. Keeping your account in good standing and maintaining good credit may help you qualify for real-time credit line increases. Please note that we don't accept requests to manually increase your credit line.

You can view your current credit line and available credit online under PayPal Credit on the left side of the summary page.

Pending authorizations are transactions which the merchant hasn't processed yet. If you have a transaction that is showing as a pending authorization, it's not reflected in your current balance. However, it will affect your available credit.  If you wish to cancel a pending order, please contact the merchant. Once canceled, a pending transaction will disappear from your pending orders within 30 days.  If a canceled pending order is still reflected on your account and you believe it's causing your purchase attempt to be declined, please let us know that the order is canceled and request that we manually remove it from your pending orders.

If you made a payment toward your balance to increase your available credit, check your balance to determine if the payment has posted to your account.
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