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How do I view my merchant billing invoice for the merchant services that I used?

On your merchant billing invoice, you will see 4 sections: 

Account Summary

This section summarizes your billing and payment activity from the previous month.  It contains 8 rows:

  1. Previous Balance:  Amount carried forward from previous unpaid invoices. 
  2. New Charges:  All billing activity for the current month.
  3. Other Charges:  Prepaid charges or one-time charges. Details appear in the "Other Account Activity" section of the statement.
  4. Credits:  Credits applied during the current billing period. Details appear in the "Other Account Activity" section of the statement.
  5. Payments:  Payments applied during the current billing period.  Details appear in the "Other Account Activity" section of the statement.
  6. Subtotal:  The total of all pre-tax charges for the 5 categories above. 
  7. Tax:  If tax is applicable, it will appear in this section.
  8. Invoice Total:  Displays the amount of any previous balance, new charges, other charges, credits, and payments.

New Charges

This section provides details on your charges for the current month including a breakdown of products for each user under your account. Subscription fees are billed once a month, whereas some products have rated transactions where you have billable transactions that are charged at a per-transaction rate.

Other Account Activity

In this section, you'll find all your payment and credit activity. 


This section has important billing information about your account, such as payment methods and the specific dates payments will be debited from your account. Special announcements and information on our past due policies are also listed here.

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