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Maintaining your PayPal balance using Balance Manager

How to maintain your PayPal balance with Balance Manager.

  • Maintaining a PayPal balance using Balance Manager

You can use Balance Manager to schedule automatic bank transfers to your PayPal account. You decide how much and how often to transfer money into your PayPal account - Balance Manager does the rest.

There are 2 ways to use Balance Manager.

  • Set periodic transfers: Choose the amount and frequency of the transfer.
    • Example: Transfer $100 every 2 weeks.
  • Set a minimum balance: When your balance falls below a certain amount, we automatically transfer money into your account.
    • Example: Transfer $100 whenever your balance drops below $25.

With Balance Manager, you always have money in your PayPal account. And when you pay with your balance or bank, you don't pay fees to send money to family and friends.

You can turn off Balance Manager at any time.

  • Get started with Balance Manager

To set up Balance Manager, link a bank account to your PayPal account. This allows us to withdraw your automatic transfers directly from your bank account.




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