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How to spot fake, spoof, or phishing emails

isted at $300. The sender asks you to ship the camera in addition to the extra $200 you were “paid” by mistake. The scammer wants your camera AND your money, but hasn’t actually paid you at all.
Simply log in to your PayPal account and check that you were paid before sending anything.

If you received an email seemingly from PayPal that states you’ve received money, check to make sure the email isn't fake. Some signs:

The email does not address you by your first and last name.

The email says the money is “on hold” until you complete an action (i.e., send money through Western Union or click a link to submit a tracking number). You can easily see if you received money by logging in to your PayPal account (do not click any links within the email).  If you’ve been paid, you’ll see the payment in your account.

Here's a video on identifying suspicious emails:
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