Improve risk decisions with our robust data set

Leverage PayPal’s expertise and scale

Fight fraud with smart technology that’s informed by our $1.5 trillion in total annual payment volume and 20+ years of industry expertise.1

No new integration required

Easily enable an adaptive fraud solution that works seamlessly with your existing integration.

Solve risk issues holistically

Capture more revenue with a balanced strategy—across the entire transaction lifecycle—that catches fraud without declining legitimate purchases.

Adapt our solution to your business

Fine tune our tools to your specific business needs and risk strategy—without worrying about major costs or increasing complexity.

Choose how to manage risk

Let us manage your risk with Chargeback Protection, or take complete control with Fraud Protection Advanced.

Customize your risk management

Give your team more insights and control with Fraud Protection Advanced. Our intelligence, combined with advanced machine learning and analytics, helps protect your business from ever-evolving threats.

  • Get a complete picture of the transaction lifecycle to optimize fraud and approval rates

  • Tailor our capabilities to fit your business needs and risk tolerance

  • Access advanced reports and define custom filters, fields, and lists

  • Consult with our expert internal data science team to get assistance with questions and analysis

Leverage our rich intelligence

Our machine learning technology assigns a risk score to every transaction to help you proactively manage risk.

Build custom fields and filters

Use custom filters based on 500+ pre-calculated features. Create number, string, and date fields to sort transactions. Add custom fields to enhance risk decisions with your own data.

Define lists and automate sorts

Maintain lists based on email, address, card number, and more. Use your list criteria in filters and we’ll immediately approve, decline, and flag transactions for review based on your preset filters.

Test and learn

Try out filter changes using A/B testing or simulate them historical transaction data to understand the impact on your business.

Let us manage fraud for you

Enjoy peace of mind with our end-to-end fraud management service, Chargeback Protection. Help reduce your risk of loss from fraudulent credit or debit card transactions.

  • In real time, we evaluate whether to approve or decline each transaction

  • If an approved transaction turns out to be fraudulent or results in an item-not-received dispute, we'll waive the PayPal chargeback fee and won’t debit the disputed amount on eligible transactions²

Tap into our risk expertise

Chargeback Protection is built into PayPal Braintree, so no new integration is needed for us to power up risk management for your credit and debit card transactions.

Optimize your auth rate

Rich data from our 15+ billion annual transactions enables real-time transaction fraud analysis and order decisioning.

Avoid false declines

The breadth and quality of our data, and our visibility across the payments transaction cycle, helps prevent losses due to declines of legitimate purchases.

Predictable fees

You’ll be charged a monthly fee that’s based on your transaction volume in addition to normal merchant transaction fees.

Fight fraud and recover lost revenue

Use Dispute Automation, our fully-automated solution, to save time and effort when disputing chargebacks.

  • Use customizable response templates to provide evidence, such as proof of services provided and payment history

  • Scale chargeback dispute resolution with streamlined automation

  • Fight up to 100% of your chargebacks

  • Access real-time dashboards

  • Set rules for manual review of high-value transactions​

Turn our rich data into actionable insights

We combine data from processing billions of global payments annually, device fingerprints, historical snapshots, and more to create risk models that evolve in real time.

10+ billion
digital identifiers in our network3
of buyers are recognized by PayPal4
$1.5 trillion
in total annual payment volume1

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