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Why is my cryptocurrency sale on hold? 

Why is my payment on hold or unavailable?

Your crypto sale/crypto sale proceeds may be on hold due to the unique activity profile of your account. PayPal holds funds for a variety of reasons, based on the activity of the account. Check your account for specific reasons as to why we are holding your money and to learn how you can release it. 

Is there a hold when I sell my cryptocurrency?  

If you buy cryptocurrencies but we have not yet received the cleared purchase funds from you, we are entitled to retain the proceeds of any sale by you of your cryptocurrencies pending our receipt of those cleared purchase funds. We may place a temporary hold on these funds while they are pending (note the hold may not be released if we do not receive cleared purchase funds or if there is another issue with the payment or the account). As with all transactions, crypto sales are subject to review and could be delayed or stopped if there is an issue.

Why are the payments for the sale of cryptocurrency placed on hold?

Holds can be placed on a cryptocurrency sell transaction during a bank transfer (or where another issue with the payment or the account is identified). When the cryptocurrency sale is on hold during a bank transfer, the funds being transferred from your bank have not cleared in the original purchasing transaction. The temporary hold on the funds will be released upon the outstanding amount clearing. Keep in mind that not all sell transactions will be put on hold. A hold may not be released if the payment transferred from your bank does not clear or if another issue with the payment or the account is identified.

How long will the sell transaction (payment) be on hold?

The hold time will vary depending on several risk factors, such as the amount waiting to be cleared from the bank transfer, and can generally take up to 8 days.

Will future transactions be held?

We cannot say with 100% certainty that no holds will be placed in the future, but if your account is in good standing then there is usually no reason for us to raise any concerns about your account.

Why is my withdrawal from PayPal on hold?

To provide a safe online payment service our internal security system reviews every transaction before it is released. Usually, withdrawals can take anywhere from 2-72 hrs to complete through our system. Generally, they'll complete within 2 hours; however, we occasionally hold a withdrawal, for further review. 

These reviews of withdrawals can happen for various reasons. For example, you may have received an amount of money that is larger than usual for your account, you may be logging in from an unsecured network or you may have made changes to your account Settings recently.

Once we have finished our review your withdrawal will show as ‘completed’ and will be processed to your bank account, providing that the review did not turn up any issues. Withdrawals to bank accounts can take up to 8 working days depending upon your bank's processing times.

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Why is my payment on hold or unavailable?

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