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What if there’s an issue with one of my packages?

The PayPal app includes a package tracking feature that offers live shipping updates for things you buy with or without PayPal. Package tracking checks directly with the carriers that deliver your packages and passes the info to you so you can track your packages in one place.

If there’s a delay or other issue with a package, we’ll update you as quickly as possible. We’ll also equip you with the tracking number, a link to the carrier, and other details that may help you resolve the issue.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

For shipping issues like delays, whom should I contact?
The best place to start is the carrier. While we try to provide updates, info, and links to the carrier when there’s an issue, we, unfortunately, can’t control the carriers or talk to them on your behalf.

A quick tip: check your package details screen for a link to the carrier, along with crucial details like the tracking number, the last recorded location of the package, and the latest shipping updates.

Whom should I contact if items are missing or significantly different than how they were described?
We recommend trying the merchant first. They may have options ready to resolve common issues with items and orders.

If you need further assistance, we can help. Remember, Package tracking can track the delivery of things you buy with or without PayPal. If the items were purchased using PayPal, they might be eligible for Purchase Protection. Additionally, here’s an FAQ on how to file a dispute.

Is something wrong if packages in my list appear as the store URL or a tracking number?
Not necessarily. If it’s an automatically tracked package, sometimes the store name may not be available to us. In that situation, we’ll show the store URL or tracking number to help you identify the package.

If it’s a package, you added manually but didn’t add a nickname; it will be named based on the carrier and tracking number.

Are there any packages I can’t track?
As long as it’s shipped with a tracking number from a carrier, we can help you track it. Sometimes online stores like Walmart and Amazon don’t provide tracking numbers for specific packages, so you won’t see them in our app.

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