Compliance Reports

Welcome to the PayPal Technology and Security Certification Reports Portal. This portal is available for PayPal customers and prospects to provide convenient, on-demand access to important compliance resources for your business needs. PayPal’s independently performed assessments and certifications provide prospective and existing merchants and partners with reasonable assurance and comfort in accordance with industry best practices and obligations. Note that the attestations and reports presently available on this portal are not a comprehensive list of assessments performed. As more types of reports and attestations become available, they will be added to this portal. Our SOC reports are not currently listed below as a signed NDA needs to be obtained prior to sharing these reports. Please refer Frequently Asked Questions for how to request our SOC reports.


To access reports, select the report(s) desired for your business needs, click download and input your business information in the window that appears. Please see Frequently Asked Questions below for additional assistance

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