Direct Payment API Introduction

Direct Payment API is:


  • Direct Payment API lets you design and host your own checkout pages
  • You keep your customers on your site instead of having them pay on PayPal; PayPal remains invisible
  • PayPal authorizes transactions in a real-time process

Easy to implement

  • Direct Payment API is already integrated with many leading shopping carts
  • PayPal's SDK toolkit lets you easily integrate the PayPal API into your website


  • Transactions are sent over the internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Direct Payment API lets you flag potentially fraudulent transactions, and provides you with industry-standard AVS and CVV2 responses for each transaction
  • You use an API certificate, provided by PayPal, to make calls to the API through a secure connection

How it works

For each payment, Direct Payment API takes the billing address, transaction amount, credit card information, and item information as inputs. Within seconds, the API returns a confirmation that the transaction has been processed.

Please note: Direct Payment API is not a stand-alone product. You are required to use Direct Payment API and Express Checkout together as part of the Website Payments Pro solution.