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    Essential HVAC and spatial planning checklists for restaurants.

    Aug 04 2020
    The industry paradigm is completely changing and there’s no going back to a world before the pandemic hit us. There is only moving forward. That said, the mindset for reopening your business is not far different from opening your business. You’ll need to put new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in place, train staff, and on top, educate customers. Business survival and prosperity in the new normal will count on how well you engage with your local community and leverage technology.


    Webinar: How to quickly take your business online.

    Jul 30 2020
    The way we do business is changing rapidly. Small and new businesses, especially, need to adapt to changing customer needs. PayPal can help you navigate the New Normal – and reach more customers ASAP. 


    6 steps to powerful customer testimonials.

    Jul 20 2020
    "Great." "Would recommend." "Happy with purchase." Do those types of reviews sound familiar?


    A reopening checklist for independent restaurants and bars.

    Jun 18 2020
    As restaurants re-open, there will be key foundational tasks they’ll need to do to make sure re-opening goes smoothly. At Oyster Sunday, we’ve created a comprehensive playbook for you to do just that. We provide a checklist of all the items you need to cover from finance and accounting, to operations and HR, to marketing, communications, and technology, to compliance, insurance, and facilities.


    Reopening retail: Your 10-step plan to welcoming customers back.

    Jun 10 2020
    Across the country, brick-and-mortar business owners like you are eager to open their doors again. But right now, there's likely one question on your mind: How do I help my customers feel safe enough to shop with me again? 


    How to create a QR code to accept touch-free payments.

    Jun 10 2020
    Whether you run a business with a storefront or provide services to clients, how do you get paid if they can’t hand you their payment? One answer could be QR codes. When used correctly (and creatively), QR codes can give you a fast, touch-free way to accept payments in person. No physical money changing hands, no receipts to sign. 


    PayPal and Kiva empower entrepreneurs around the world.

    Jun 09 2020
    Kiva, the microlending nonprofit, was founded in 2005 on a simple premise: What if people could invest in small businesses around the globe as easily as they buy products online?


    Setting up subscriptions and recurring payments for your business.

    May 15 2020
    If you need a quick way to create subscription plans for your products or services, we’ll walk you through how to set them up on your website. Offering subscriptions can be a great way to create a stable, predictable revenue stream.


    How to add a subscription payment button to your website.

    May 15 2020
    Once you’ve created your subscription plan(s), the last step is adding a payment button to your website, so your customers can choose the plan(s). This 7-step article will show you how to do that with accompanying screenshots. 

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