Wild Mountain Soap Company: A successful soap business cleans up.

Jul 27 2018 | Chase Jones, Content Marketing Manager, PayPal

As a weekend project, Phillip and Mary Peelish decided to whip up some homemade lavender-and-vanilla soap and give it to friends.
When those friends ran out of the soap and said they’d pay to have more, Phillip and Mary saw the potential for a business. The West Virginia couple launched Wild Mountain Soap Company in 2012, selling their all-natural soaps at craft fairs and local resorts. 
Today, Wild Mountain Soap Company offers more than 50 soap and body-care products, and the Peelishes run their own retail store in Fayetteville, West Virginia, in addition to selling on the craft fair and festival circuit. “Our customers tell us it’s like a life-changing event when they run out of their soap,” laughs Phillip. “They get hooked on it.”
Processing all kinds of payments with one solution. 
When Phillip and Mary started selling their soaps at craft shows and winning some wholesale accounts, the couple set up a website for ecommerce sales. “I was already familiar with PayPal when I was running a web design company, so it was a natural fit for our new business,” explains Phillip. Adds Mary, “PayPal is really easy to use even if you’re not the most computer-savvy person – and that helps us because it doesn’t take time away from running our business.”
Wild Mountain Soap Company uses PayPal to process almost all of its payments – using PayPal Payments Pro to accept PayPal, debit, and credit card payments on its desktop and mobile websites. About 80%1 of all retail store and festival sales, as well payments for wholesale accounts, are processed through PayPal Here
“We use PayPal Here to create invoices on the spot and send them to our wholesale clients,” Phillip says. “I can pull the invoice up on my iPad and swipe the card right there.” According to Phillip, PayPal Here has helped the company reduce its wholesale customers’ payment time from an average of 30 days to the same day, in many cases. 
Measuring success in every channel.
By using PayPal to accept payments in all of its channels – retail, wholesale, and ecommerce – the Peelishes can track where profits come from. “PayPal reporting makes it easy for us to figure out exactly how much we made at each event,” Mary says. She can also compare the benefit of sending assistants to a given event, versus keeping them at the retail store on the same day – valuable information that helps the business to prioritize its resources for maximum profit.
“Whether we’re at the store, a festival, or visiting a retail customer, we can see how the business is doing from anywhere we can access PayPal,” Mary explains. “Knowing how we’re doing – whether from day to day or year to year – is what helps our business keep growing.”

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