Jin+Ja: Running and growing a business powered by PayPal.

Feb 12 2019 | PayPal editorial staff

Reuben Canada created the beverage Jin+Ja in his own kitchen, and nine years later it’s carried in over 4000 retail stores nationwide.
In 2009, Reuben attempted to make the ultimate cocktail mixer just for fun. He quickly found that his ginger-based drink with lemon, cayenne pepper, and mint had broader appeal. Soon, he was making and bottling his beverage, sharing it with friends, and stocking it in a local corner grocery. From there, Reuben built out his production, distribution, and marketing. After several years, online sales were growing and Jin+Ja was being stocked in large retail chains, a huge milestone for any beverage company.

Dealing with growing pains.
As demand started to take-off, Reuben faced a challenge: How does a business quickly get capital to fulfill large customer orders? A combined online and in-store sales and marketing strategy was working, and demand for Jin+Ja had taken off. “We were getting orders from large grocery chains that were no longer 200 and 400 cases a month, now they're ordering 2400 cases a month – overnight.” Reuben had no idea how they were going to cover the orders.

Finding the right financing. 
After years of processing online orders with PayPal, Reuben discovered that PayPal also makes financing available to eligible businesses. “The PayPal Business Loan1 quickly got us access to the cash we needed to fulfill the orders coming in. I've applied for business loans before, and it's the same story every single time. When we explained our revenue streams, they just didn’t get our business.”

Fulfilling orders without a hitch.
With help from a PayPal Business Loan, Reuben was able to fulfill the orders without any delay in delivery keeping his customers happy and expanding his retail footprint. “Before the loan, we were in 1200 stores, but because we're able to fill this many orders, we'll be in 4000. I'm really happy that we can get Jin+Ja to so many more customers because it means that the risk that I took in starting my own business is paying off. I'm a part of a generation that doesn't want to be tied to a desk. We live in a mobile society, and PayPal’s small business tools are perfect for my lifestyle.”

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1The lender for PayPal Business Loan is WebBank, Member FDIC.  Subject to application and credit approval.

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