Framing the Future: Adorama and Venmo

May 26 2022 | PayPal Editor

Learn how Adorama is framing their future with Venmo as a partner.

Adorama began as single retail location on Manhattan’s 34th Street in 1974, offering professional audio, visual, and photography gear to the public. Today, Adorama boasts a range of complementary businesses, including Adorama Rental, Adorama Trade, Printique, Adorama Business Solutions, 42 West, SunnySports,, and Boroughs, a line of guitars exclusive to the Adorama brand.

We had the good fortune of speaking with Hani Batla, CTO/CIO of Adorama, about the company’s future and the challenges of strategically evolving this landmark business.

Download the Adorama full case study to read more. 



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