Case study: Teachers Pay Teachers

Dec 22 2021 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Leverage the Power of Braintree and PayPal with Braintree’s GraphQL API.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace featuring millions of educational resources to inspire the next generation of learners across the country. Based in New York City, the online hub features a marketplace of paid and free resources created by educators for educators.
Teachers Pay Teachers wanted to integrate with Braintree to take care of the payments aspect on their site. Having had experience with GraphQL as a business, Teachers Pay Teachers opted to leverage Braintree’s GraphQL API. This enabled the merchant to work towards decomposing a PHP monolith to services with a decoupled React frontend.
GraphQL API is a query language that enables the flexibility to specify and retrieve only as much data as needed.
Braintree offers the option to use GraphQL API directly without a library. The API also allows the freedom to use any programming language – so merchants can keep their backend language and leverage the benefits of Braintree and PayPal.



After integrating with Braintree’s GraphQL API, Teachers Pay Teachers saw*:
  • Decreased delays or downtime when the site had traffic spikes
  • Increased reliability of site performance
  • Decreased number of inter-platform network requests
*Results are based on merchant-reported results from integration of Braintree’s GraphQL API, 2019. The results in the case study are not necessarily representative of results for all businesses.


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