Case study: CMN Hospitals Dance Marathon

Apr 20 2021 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Understanding that Venmo is a popular platform for students, CMN Hospitals worked with their PayPal partners to add the option of Venmo for donations and saw staggering fundraising success.


Venmo Elevates Virtual Fundraising

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a student-led movement that exists to raise funds and awareness for local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). This movement unites students and helps them become a part of something bigger than themselves by raising funds and awareness for their local children's hospital. Since 1991, students across North America have raised more than $300 million for local children's hospitals. Dance Marathon at Florida State University (DM at FSU) is just one of the 400 high school and college campuses that are part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement.


More than 200 of these events, including FSU, were impacted by the pandemic and quickly pivoted to virtual fundraising and events as a result. Inspired by the miracle kids they serve, student leaders demonstrated resiliency and commitment in the face of these challenges. These students were determined to continue to raise funds for their local kids. With help from the new and innovative features from PayPal, the DonorDrive fundraising platform, and guidance from CMN Hospitals, a partnership for success was created.


Dance Marathon at FSU hosted a fundraising and recruitment challenge centered around completing a series of challenges to raise $50. Understanding that Venmo is a popular platform for students, CMN Hospitals worked with their PayPal partners to add the option of Venmo for donations. Since 2009, Venmo has made payments fast, safe and social. Because of how easy Venmo is to use, you can now pay with Venmo almost everywhere – including making donations. Combined with DonorDrive’s “one tap donation capability,” virtual fundraising events are now surpassing in-person events with social engagement.

CMN Hospitals Testimonial


FSU saw a staggering fundraising success – increasing funds raised donations in this campaign by 82% year over year. During a time when so many people have so little, this incredible increase in donations proved that students wanted to give back in a meaningful way. In just 3 days, FSU’s Dance Marathon campaign raised $111,583.90. Almost 17% of these funds were brought in through Venmo, which has proved integral to fundraising for Dance Marathon. Giving back has never been so easy, nor as important. FSU, in step with CMN Hospitals, DonorDrive and PayPal’s Venmo have proven to be the perfect partners for success.

Success Metrics

87% More funds raised by students that activated Venmo than those that did not
$462.18 Fundraising average if the student activated at least 1 Venmo donation
$247.30 Fundraising average if the student did not use Venmo

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