How PayPal Working Capital could work for your business.

Instant funds in your PayPal account

Apply for PayPal Working Capital and, if approved, you’ll receive your merchant cash advance in your PayPal account automatically.

Flexible repayment options

You choose a percentage of your daily PayPal sales to go towards repayment of your cash advance, so managing your cash flow is easier. If on one day you don’t make a sale, you don’t pay anything that day*. And you can make one-off repayments at any time, without penalty.

Transparent, affordable pricing

You pay just one simple fixed fee**, determined by your cash advance amount, repayment percentage and PayPal sales history. No interest, hidden fees or penalties.

Watch a short video to see how PayPal Working Capital works here.
PayPal Working Capital Typical Business Loan Typical Business Credit Card
Completing the application: 5 minutes Can take hours Approx. 20 minutes
Time until funds are available: Less than 1 minute 3-5 weeks 2 weeks
Repayments: Taken automatically and repaid based on an agreed percentage of your PayPal sales Monthly Monthly
Fees to pay: One (fixed fee) Can include activation, annual and late fees. Can include activation, annual and late fees.
Interest: No Yes Yes, dependent on use

Source: PayPal competitive analysis

*A minimum level of repayments is required. See Terms and Conditions for more details. ** Your standard transaction and currency conversion fees apply.

Sign up for a PayPal business account

The sooner you start processing your payments with PayPal, the sooner you could be eligible to apply for PayPal Working Capital.