Your account deserves an upgrade.

Upgrade to a PayPal Business account to unlock all of our business products and access business services and reporting.
It’s free to upgrade and your fees for selling won’t change.

Get a Business Account

4 reasons to upgrade for free to a Business account

Enhance your business profile

Display your business name and logo on receipts. When your customers see your business name on their credit card statements they can more easily remember the purchase, which can reduce the likelihood of chargebacks, saving you time.

Enjoy more ways to get paid

Accept debit and credit cards, and process phone payments. Plus, enjoy access to the full range of our business products. Best of all, there aren’t any processing minimums. Have questions? Simply email or call our customer support.

Benefit from custom reporting

Get custom, downloadable reporting on all PayPal transactions (including sales, fees, refunds, chargebacks). Create settlement reports, search for transactions, and compare financial performance by year to better track your business’ growth.

Separate business and personal finances

Choose between upgrading your existing account or keeping your business finances separate, by creating a new, dedicated business account. Enjoying all the benefits of your original account plus extras adapted to suit your business needs, however big or small.

What else should I know?

No your fees for selling, will be exactly the same as before. Review PayPal Fees.

Get paid however you do business.

On your website

Accept PayPal and card payments on your website, from using checkout buttons to our fully customised online solutions.

Get paid on your website

In person

Accept Chip and PIN and contactless payments almost anywhere in the UK with the PayPal Here card reader and app.

Get paid in person

With online invoicing

Create and send customised invoices using our free templates. Customers can pay easily in just a few clicks.

Get paid by invoice

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