Real businesses.
Real successes.

Ideas and tips to help your small business grow. Hear from small business owners who have been there and done that.

Advice from small businesses.


Rikke Rosenlund, founder and CEO of BorrowMyDoggy, gives us her best small business advice.

Sensory Smart Store

Mel explains how she runs a small business from home, providing clothing solutions for anyone with a sensory processing disorder.


Maria Raga, CEO, tells us all about Depop, a mobile space where you can see what others are liking, buying, and selling.

Mokoko Cocktail Bar & Grill

The Mokoko team share how their award-winning style bar shook up its bookings with PayPal Invoicing.

How to grow your business internationally.

Globalisation and internet adoption are creating opportunities for small businesses to reach new customers abroad. Our How to Sell Internationally website gives you some tips for global expansion.


Understanding the opportunity

Why selling internationally could be right for you - the latest trends and statistics.


Critical Planning Guide

We share the 5 critical areas of planning and how to successfully manage them.


Market insight tool

Find out the potential of international markets, and how consumers are shopping within them.



Downloadable small business ideas for global selling in an easy-to-digest eBook format.

Making the most of Mobile.

Almost half of the UK online sales are now made via a mobile device. Find out everything you need to know on our mobile pages.*

Making money with mobile

Key facts and best practices for helping your small business get mobile ready.

Increasing mobile conversion

How user experience, shopper security and optimisation can help your business expansion.

App vs. web

Advice on deployment, support and app engagement for your small business.

What Britain's thinking.

Explore the results of research we’ve conducted with 4000 UK consumers and businesses to learn how to convert customers from browsing to buying.

Discover Our Consumer Insights

Fast, easy funding for your growing business.

PayPal Working Capital isn’t like most traditional financing. It’s a quick, simple cash advance to help fund exciting growth today. See how our funding has helped support businesses reach their potential.

Lash Inc.

Lash Inc. founder and owner, Louise, shares the secrets behind her successful subscription business. Find out how she started it all on a train journey.

Sensory Smart

Mel’s business has enabled her to not only help herself but other people too. Watch her explain her how she started and where her "shedquarters" is going next.

House of Party

Andy, founder of House of Party shares how his business has grown from a small box of balloons to £1.8million in sales in just three years.

eBook resources.

Thinking about selling internationally

Find out how to reach new customers in target markets around the globe.

Adventures in marketing

Help build your customer base, your brand and your sales with these strategies.

Establish trust

What you can do to relieve shopper anxiety - and help reduce basket abandonment.

Tips to grow your online business

Reach out to more customers and create a shopper-friendly online experience.

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