Save on shipping with PayPal.

Our Royal Mail print postage option makes it cheaper and faster for online businesses to deliver to customers.

Enjoy Royal Mail Postage Discounts

As a PayPal customer with an online store, you can benefit from discounted shipping when you print postage labels from your account.

Benefits of print postage.


It’s cheaper to print your own label than to purchase postage at a Post Office branch.

Integrated solution

PayPal and Royal Mail have teamed up to make it a smooth, integrated process.

Avoid the queues

Simply print and attach your label to your parcel and deliver it to the Click & Drop area of your local Post Office.

Track your packages

Monitor the progress of your parcel on its delivery journey by tracking it through the Royal Mail website.

Here’s how it works.


Login to your account’s ‘Recent activity’ dashboard to view transactions eligible for shipping. Then select Print Postage Label.

Also available for Personal Accounts.


Select the type of service and package size for the item and click on the Calculate Postage Cost button.


Click ‘Confirm and Pay’ when you’re happy for payment to be taken from your PayPal account. Now print your label, attach to your package and it’s ready to post.

Watch our How To video.

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