Helping to protect you from fraud

Preventing account limitations


What are account limitations and how can I avoid them?

Account limitations can prevent you from completing certain actions with your account such as withdrawing, spending, or in rare cases receiving money. These limitations are implemented to help protect you as a buyer and a seller. In some cases, we may implement these limitations to comply with our regulatory obligations and they can’t be avoided. In other cases, account limitations help protect against fraud or could be instituted because of poor seller performance. Here are some ways to avoid these limitations and instructions on how to lift limitations already on your account.

Protect Yourself Online

Account limitations exist to protect you against fraud. If there is reason to believe someone is using your account without your permission or if your bank alerts us that your debit or credit card is being used without your knowledge, we’ll limit your account to prevent or limit the damage of fraudulent activity. Protecting yourself against these types of fraud will help avoid PayPal limitations.

One way to do this is to be vigilant online. For instance, be especially careful about clicking on links in emails. Fraudsters often develop official-looking emails with links that supposedly lead to a familiar institution’s website. They do this to trick you to share personal information. PayPal will never ask you to log into your PayPal account using a link in an email, so please don’t follow the links. For more information on fraudulent emails, please see our page on phishing. If you receive one of these spoof emails from someone pretending to be PayPal, report it by forwarding the email to

Elsewhere, use strong passwords for online accounts (including your PayPal account). Passwords should be long and contain a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Once you have a strong password, don’t share it with others, and don’t cut corners by using the same password for multiple accounts.

Protecting your computer with anti-malware and spyware software also helps protect you by keeping viruses and spyware from infecting your machine. Offline, shred any personal documents before throwing them away and keep your identity documents in a safe place.

You can find more information about how to protect yourself online on the following website:

Regulatory compliance and Acceptable Use Policy

Your account could be limited in order to comply with our regulatory obligations.

Please also ensure that items you sell are compliant with PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. For example, PayPal doesn’t allow payments to be sent or received relating to the sale of guns or knives.

Improve seller performance

Receiving a high number of disputes, claims and chargebacks from your buyers is an indication of poor seller performance, which can lead to account limitations. Following some simple guidelines can help you improve your performance and reduce the likelihood of limitations. Overall, communication and information are key. You should:

  • Provide photos and detailed product descriptions
  • Be clear about policies such as shipping and returns
  • Ship orders promptly and track shipments
  • Respond quickly to any messages from buyers
  • Work to amicably resolve any problems
  • Ship to the address provided in the transaction details page
  • Use quality shipping materials to prevent damage

Following these guidelines should help reduce the number of chargebacks and disputes, which can in turn reduce the chances of account limitations as a seller.

What to do about limitations

In order to lift limitations,we may need some information from you. Review the email that was sent informing you that your account was limited and log in to your account to get the specific reasons on the rationale for this. Ensure that you provide any requested information quickly so that we can start to review it sooner. Refer to the Resolution Centre for updates on your case.



Limitations on your account may impact your ability to send, receive, or withdraw money from your PayPal account. These are applied to help protect both buyers and sellers from fraud and to help ensure the safe use of PayPal services. We may limit your account to protect you from fraud, because of regulatory requirements, or due to poor seller performance. Protecting yourself from fraud and improving selling performance can reduce the likelihood of limitations. If there are limitations on your account, log into your account and visit the Resolution Centre for details about your specific situation.

Key Facts

  • Account limitations help protect you against fraud. One way to avoid fraudsters is to exercise caution when using the internet.
  • In some cases, PayPal applies these limitations to comply with regulatory requirements and they can’t be avoided.
  • Poor seller performance can also lead to account limitations. Communicating well with buyers and keeping them informed helps avoid performance issues.
  • We need some information from you in order to lift the limitations on your account. Please start by logging in so you can find out why your account has been limited.