Find new global customers.

Research is essential for any new venture, so build your knowledge to expand your reach. These tools, tips and insights will help you understand different markets and where best to sell.

Start with a few key markets.

Look at your own sales data to see who's already buying from you and where they are.



69%of those who buy overseas do it online.



11% of cross-border shoppers buy from the UK.



39% said free shipping enticed them to buy from abroad.

Know your competition.

Who are your biggest competitors? Do some online comparison shopping to find out which countries they sell to, and whether they offer pricing in local currencies or have country-specific websites. You’ll get an insight into how serious they are about selling in your potential target markets.

Great advice

Research and target overseas markets with tools and tips from the Department for International Trade. Or spot international opportunities with Google Market Finder.

Useful services

UK Export Finance offers finance and insurance products to support exporters. Or qualify for cash advance to fund cross-border growth with PayPal Working Capital.

Choose your points of entry.

Consider whether it’s better to use your existing domestic website (perhaps offering translation and local currency options) or an established online marketplace.

On eBay, for instance, you can test demand for your products and try multiple offerings before deciding whether to invest in redeveloping your existing site.

With PayPal Global Sellers, you can automatically translate, localise and launch your web store in over 60 countries.

“Abandoned shopping carts are coming down which is a direct response to using PayPal Global Sellers, people are going on our website and seeing their own language and their own currency, it's been fantastic.”
Daniel Walton, Managing Director, OLPRO

Localise your website and prices in over 60 countries.

Discover PayPal Global Sellers

Get help selling internationally.

Find new global customers

Gather insights into your target markets.

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Accept local currencies

Let customers pay their preferred way.

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Build local knowledge

Understand different taxes, laws and duties.

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Make shipping simple

Offer easy, friendly deliveries and returns.

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Marketing without borders

Talk to customers where they already are.

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Learn from your success

Find more ways to drive demand.

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PayPal Buyer and Seller protection

Cover eligible transactions from unauthorised payments and item not received claims.

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PayPal Return Shipping on Us

Refund customers’ eligible return shipping costs from over 40 different countries. £15 refund per return, max of 12 returns per calendar year.

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