Are you mobile ready?

Google and other search engines now prioritises websites that are mobile-optimised in their search results

Mobile is driving sales both online and

Having a mobile-ready website is no longer an option, it's an necessity

Key facts

UK sales

45% of UK Online sales came via a mobile device in the third quarter of 2015

Online sales

UK Online sales were worth £114 billion per year in 2015

Mobile shoppers

A mobile device is the single most Important research tool for 53% of mobile shoppers

Payment data

Two-thirds of shoppers don't trust retailers with their payment data

Social media

71% of adult internet users have a social media profile, an increasingly important channel

Mobile purchases

45% of people use their mobile device to make purchases


Two-thirds of people in the UK now own a smartphone

Best practices

Think mobile first

Treat your mobile site as a project in itself. Don’t try to simply translate your old desktop site.

Simplify navigation

Minimise data entry, clicking or zooming. Use big buttons, larger font and a fixed navigation bar.

Include your phone number

Include your phone number frequently, especially where users might experience problems, on information pages and throughout the checkout process.

A picture worth a thousand words

Pictures are powerful. Use simple, uncluttered and professional product images to sell your goods.

Support a wide range of devices

Check your mobile site on a range of devices, browsers and screen sizes; from a 4˝ smartphone screen to the largest tablet.

Have sticky "Add to Basket" and "Checkout" buttons

Make sure they are always on screen to make it easy for customers to purchase.

Consider a mobile app for your loyal repeat customers

Apps can be particularly effective when used for building and rewarding customer loyalty. When well-designed, they provide a platform to establish and deepen customer connection.

Perfect your mobile payment process

Streamline your payment process to reduce basket abandonment. Allow guest checkout, minimise text entry and use a payment solution that’s mobile-optimised.

Make money with mobile

We've created a guide to help you understand how consumer behaviour is changing in our smartphone society

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"PayPal are very mobile-focused. They are one of the leaders in the space"

Michel Cowan
ecommerce director, Chain Reaction Cycles

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